Interview transcription from Palestine footage

Noora Baker photo by Robert Flynt
Noora Baker:
My parents, family, people in prison... things close. So it was the only thing— once a week I can go to rehearsal and there are all these kids my age. I can play with them, I can enjoy my time—I can be a child. Because outside that, reality hit really hard as a 7 year old, and 8 year old, the beginning of the Intifada and the occupation. So you can run away with your imagination, you can have space for yourself as a child. It could be that if my parents didn’t enroll me in Dabke, now I’ll be one of the revolutionaries carrying a gun. I don’t know. I know that as a people, as a human being, I have the right—everybody under occupation has the right to fight in any way, violence or non-violence. You have the right to fight the occupation. We do. And I support that completely... I choose dance.
Interview by Carlos Gomez